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Ascendance is a text-based fantasy love story about the first contact between humanity and the extraterrestrial beings known as The Y. 

Though the premise is a very fertile (and fun!) ground for sci-fi, Ascendance is inspired by several concepts from different spiritualist philosophies, as well as by great fantasy stories, so it might bring a different perspective for you!

 Oh! Don’t put on such a thoughtful’s going to be fun!

You’re an ordinary college student who is simply trying to make it through your college days and graduate. Your life isn’t eventful and you don’t particularly excel at anything. On what looks like an ordinary day, something completely out of character happens in the middle of a lecture. Are you ready to ascend, or will you turn your back on the unknown?

  • Customize your mc (name, gender, physical appearance).
  • Shape your mc’s personality through choices.
  • Befriend or pursue a relationship with three contrasting love interests.
  • Choose the division you’ll join to help shape the new world (Or choose not to join any *evil grin intensifies*).

Elya | He/Him | 1,91m | X y.o. | Born in 64°34'41.91" N 17°53'17.65" E, Jupiter.

Elya is highly intelligent and extraordinarily good at dealing with people. Although frequently being perceived as calm, kind and protective, great part of Elya’s talent is being able to easily change his behavior to adapt to different situations, as he sees convenient. Who is Elya, when no one’s looking?

Ian Ishihara | He/Him | 1,8m | 24 y.o. | Born in Yokohama, Japan, Earth.

Ian is a free spirit. Being very bright, impulsive and playful, Ian has little to no respect for social conventions that don’t have a clear purpose. People will often describe him as charming and seductive but, in reality, Ian rarely flirts with anyone. Curious, isn’t it?

Joana | She/Her | 1,73m | X y.o. | Born in -19°01'0.92" S 29°09'10.09" E, Jupiter.

Joana might be the strongest, most determined being you’ll ever meet. Since she is very serious about her duty and devoted to her division, most of The Y find Joana intangible. Legend has it, though, that whenever she arrives to assist those in need, rays of sunshine can be seen, no matter the time of day. Could it be?

Learn more about them: Elya | Ian | Joana

This project is a work in progress (WIP) and, therefore, might suffer changes and adaptations along the way! I have very exciting plans! ╰(*°▽°*)╯

You can follow the development of Ascendance on Tumblr  ❤ 

It will be great to share this journey with you! 

Stay hydrated!


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I love this game so much! just had one suggestion that is possible it would be great to have an option to change the background. White text on black made it a bit difficult to read for a long time. 


Hi, dear! ❤ Thank you for your kind words, truly! 

As for your suggestion, I'll see what I can do, okay? Thank you for bringing it to my attention, ^^

Hope you have a great morning/afternoon/evening!



Absolutely amazing. I was skeptical at first- after all, there are very few good interactive fiction games of the sort, but I decided to give it a go- and I love it so, so much. Reading this made me so happy for some reason, and I still am ecstatic- it's a little worrying, even.

My point is- if you need any help, opinions or mere emotional support, please don't hesitate to reach out- I will gladly contribute to the case or/and your well-being.

Thank you for creating something so amazing.

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Hey, dear! What a kind comment, thank you! ❤

I can barely contain my own excitement while planning your next steps in the story, haha. I hope you will continue to like it! 

Come hang out with us on Tumblr as well if you haven't yet, ^^. 

Take care of yourself!



This was such a lovely experience! Stumbling upon this really made my day, your work is incredible <3  I'm looking forward to the future updates, thank you for sharing this with us!


Hey, darling!

Your comment made my day, so I'd say we're  even, haha.

I'm very glad that you're enjoying it so far, can't wait to show you what happens next. 

Take care! ❤



It was a fun game! Really liked the plot- and the characters (Both Ian and Elya have caught my interest). You really drew me in with the story! Can't wait for more <3

I have a question though; is there a way to turn off the sound effects? If so, I haven't figured it out lol.  (I like to listen to my own music whilst playing games ^^)

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Hey, dear! I'm very glad you like it 💕

My, I haven't implemented that option yet... What you can do is right-click the game's tab on your browser and choose the option called "mute tab", or something along those lines (it changes names from browser to browser).

I hope this helped. Remember to unmute the tab later! ❤ 


This was wonderful!!!! I've been completely drawn in to the story. The characters are so lifelike and easy to care about, and the world is so rich.... I can't wait to read more. Amazing work!

(i already adore elya so much........ hhhh no thoughts only ethereal blonde man)


Not gonna lie, the "no thoughts only ethereal blonde man" line gave me such a good chuckle, lol.

Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! ❤


Such a lovely update! it toke me a few hours to get it through with a few breaks, I finally decided to play it on my computer since the save doesn't work for me on phone lol, I feel quite nostalgic for the green aesthetic background, I though it was lovely, may I ask why you changed it? the black and white doesn't feel as inviting and lively as the green and feels lifeless, considering this game is filled with so much live <333.

Ben and Alex: Nothing noteworthy about them, to the point that both of them feel like the same character and only the name was changed for them but I felt some distinct differences for them in some passages otherwise they really did seem the same character. Are you using them as a catalyst for the mc to ease themselves into the different routes? is that why they felt indistinguishable? I'm keeping in mind that I have not done Joana route yet so I can't speak for its characteristics and tone of the route and its supporting characters. I'll probably play it tomorrow.

 I also seemed to have found a pronoun error for Alex in which you referred to them as “he’ his” even though in all the other passages they are referred to using they/them pronouns so just letting you know that.

The paths: I though they were going to be a bit different but the ones I’ve done were eerily similar and only had slight vibrations of differences, both Elya and Ian routes were similar to one another. I don’t know if that was a choice or not. 

Also from what I noticed, both Ian and Elya flashback story was again quite the same with only slight variation changed for them, nothing unique with the way the flashback dream was done, both seem to have the same motivation for how they felt about the mc in the solutions they give to the mc present tense, Some examples “You were my only friend” “A gift that was sent to me” “I came to hate you”  if I as a reader hasn’t spend quite a while with them in the beginning and didn’t get to know their inner voice and speech patterns than I would’ve mistaken them for the same character, I am in no way saying that they are the same but am only acknowledging that their routes were quite similar only in the way they responded to the mc with the dream sequence and that only. Both are equally quite diverse and lovely characters with such distinctive voices so it felt a bit jarring when their response to the mc with their nightmare was line by line the same.

I contemplated writing this and I really do hate writing such harsh notes for my favorite authors, I never write them and is this the kind of feedback you are looking for? I hate to be overstepping my boundaries.

May I also ask what's the word count for the current demo? it felt really long or it might have been me playing really slow.

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[Spoiler alert! And long answer ahead, my dear, I hope you wanted to hear from me. If that was just very thoughtful feedback, I'm sorry!!  🤣]

Hello, darling! ❤ You are not, by any means, overstepping any boundaries. As a matter of fact, I appreciate the time you took to write such a thorough message! And you called me one of your favorite authors??  🥺 Thank you, again! Now, to your interesting points!

(1) I am absolutely confused by the fact that it doesn't work on some phones... I thought that might have been fixed, but apparently no! I'll look into that asap! 

(2) It came to my knowledge that the green theme, in different devices and for different people, was too bright or just overall uncomfortable to read =/ Due to that, I figured that choosing colors like black and white would be a safer bet to make reading comfortable for the largest number of readers possible! I personally really like it, but I'm sorry it feels lifeless to you! ^^"

(3) Yes! Ben, Alex, and Avery (the one you're yet to know!)  serve the same purpose in the plot so far (exposition of concepts and friendly support for the MC) and that's why they feel so similar to one another. The difference in their personality doesn't really shine through *yet*, especially because I tried to clarify the same aspects in different routes for MC, with one or two exceptions. Maybe it could have been done better, or differently... I'll think it through ^^. Also!  I'll get to that pronoun mistake for Alex! Thanks for letting me know.

(4) Well noted. The story initially has a set backbone, meaning that you will get the same scenes (introduction to the training facilities, flashback, initiation ceremony...) with variations for the different LI's. It made sense to me, since your MC is under the same amount of spiritual stimuli (flashback-wise) in different routes and a lot of the other aspects would be protocol. The Divisions, like any institutions, have a certain way of doing some things. I will think about that aspect as well, though! ^^ I'm hoping to really set the routes apart in the upcoming training and missions (because those *are* really different)!

(5) This is actually really interesting for me to read because I, particularly, see Ian and Elya's routes flashbacks as pretty different in their core, as I tried to explore different struggles of theirs in past lives. Elya was deformed, Ian was beautiful. Elya was fighting guilt and shame, Ian realized that his vanity and superficiality were his dooming. Elya sacrifices himself not to kill MC, Ian gets killed. They do react similarly because it was a lifetime in which your MC bonded with them in a way that no one else would, and they were both in a similar evolutionary stage (even though our darling Elya was a little worse). You perceiving them as the same might be a sign that I didn't accomplish what I was aiming for... gives me food for thought!

I believe you'll find Joana's route slightly more contrasting. Her flashback is set in a different stage of her evolution, which might be refreshing for you (hopefully). There will be common points still, though... *sweats* 

As it is now, the average playthrough is ~28089 words (according to Twine, we're at 75210 words total), though you getting the feeling that it is really long already might not be a great sign for me as a writer! 😅

That's about it! I hope this didn't sound like I'm being defensive of my work, since I really value the points you raised and think that they can help me improve the way I tell the story, if not right now, in the future. I'm a little concerned with my mid-terms now, but as soon as I resume planning/writing the story, rest assured that I'll keep in mind some aspects of what you just said, and maybe even better what I already have a little bit!

Once more, thank you for taking the time to read, experience different routes, and then respectfully telling me how you actually feel about them. I personally also have a hard time reaching out to authors of stories I like with feedback that isn't all flowers, but it means a lot! ^^ I hope you had a good time overall, still!

Take care, much love!

Lou ❤

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Thank you for the detailed response! I now understand that the reason Elya and Ian responses felt similar in the dream sequence were because these are characters who have spent countless lifetimes with the mc in pervious reincarnations which is why the emotions and responses they give on how they felt about the mc in that lifetime were similar because mc was the only one who ever treated them with such kindness and respect. And how did you know elya was my muse ? Awwwwf but really I love all three of them. 

I did get to play Joana earlier today and omg it was so heartbreaking and yes all three routes diverged  greatly in the end because the introduction into the world concluded and it’s only beginning the individual stories of the RO.

I also found this , I figured it was an honest mistake and didn’t know how to discribe it in the bug report and I’m a visual learner as well 😅💕

Also 75210 is such a an amazing word count, I meant it felt long in a good way cause when it ended; I was feeling sad and wanting more 😭 I really do think this is such a beautiful story you have here and I can’t wait for you to tell it to us! I did adore both Emma and Thomas, I believe you did a phenomenal job with the found family aspects and such a genuine portrayal of Platonic relationships and you did it in a way that was welcoming, so subtle without trying to push the friendship to the player but done in such a way that was subtle but genuine , I thought it was refreshing since usually IF games and stories focus on the RO’s and romance that they neglect the family and friendships aspects of it! So I do appreciate your take on it, friendships especially with the right individuals is something to be treasured and you certainly nailed! I do hope we do get to meet them again and their friendship with the mc doesn’t drift due to the distance. I’m rambling   

Also yes, it can be intimidating reaching out to an author since most authors have feedback they are looking for and feedback they aren’t looking for, it took me a couple months of me following an authors on ao3 for me to even comment on a chapter 😭😂😂.  Also don’t mind what I said about the previous green screen, it must be my strong case of nostalgia speaking ! I tend to have that! The new aesthetic is equally as pleasing as well. 💝


Aw, thank you for your kind words! I'm glad you can already feel the shift in the routes! Darling, wait until you see the next steps! Haha No more common roads are taken from here  ❤❤

Thank you so much for catching that! I have no idea how it got there! 🤣 Just fixed it. Also, I hope you don't mind me bugging you a little more, but could you tell me where you caught the pronoun mistake for Alex? I've read it twice and I can't see it... I think I'm numb to my own writing at this point XD

Thank you again, especially for sticking around since our early green demo🥺 (yes, it gives me nostalgia already too and I still have screenshots of it! <3)


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Yeah I believe I found it here , it can be found a few passages after the mc and them have their breakfast I believe before the expected ceremony.

Haha the green background will be missed, may it Rest In Peace. I wish you luck and all. 


I've been sucked into your story already! Can't wait to read more, you're awesome!

And I already love Elya, is it too early in the game to already love an alien who showed up and briefly inhabited your body? Asking for a friend 😆


Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it 💖

And it's definitely never too early for you (or... ahem...your friend) to love such a handsome alien. Can't wait to show you the next step!

Take care ❤





i already wrote it in the docs survey, but nonetheless, i will write again (although it will be a shorter comment this time HSHSJ ) >:)  

first of all: your writing. please, it is so amazing. the characters, the universe, it is done so perfectly!! i instantly fell in love with this game. 

second, i loved the music/sfx !! it really is a nice touch, and very innovative! i don't think i ever played an IF with music/sfx before. 

third, i may or may not have fallen in love with the characters. I MEAN, they all look so interesting  !!! and all of them seem very endearing in their own way :"0 ♥♥

congrats for the incredible work!!!

can't wait to play the full thing ^^♥

stay safe and take care !!!!!

( also, yes . i am the Adri from the survey form HSHSH )

(1 edit)

Hi Adri! That's so sweet of you to say! 🥰

I may or may not have screenshotted the comment you left on the survey because it made me so very happy! (❁´◡`❁) (As well as a few others, they're my treasure now)

I'm really glad you like it so far! I was a little worried that people wouldn't see how amazing Joana is because I gave her little screen time, but I'm very pleased to find out otherwise!! So thank you for sharing my love with all of the LI's! Each of them has a very particular way to love your MC and I can't wait to show you how it goes!

Thank you for reading it carefully all the way, being helpful with the survey, and leaving a rating and a comment!! It means the world to me!!

You take care of yourself as well!! 

Stay hydrated, my dear 💖



I enjoyed the demo, but the links on the last page aren't working. :(


Hey! I'm glad you enjoyed it! 

How odd, they are working for me... Could you tell me what platform you're using to play?

In any case, here they are!

Bug report/Survey:

Ascendance on Tumblr:

Thank you for playing and reading it carefully until the very end! 💖



I'm on Windows

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Windows I can cover! 😊 Onto it, thanks for letting me know!